Tuesday, April 13, 2010

iPhone cases!

Do you have an iPhone case? Wouldn't you love a personalized case with your very own picture? Now you can! I am now offering my FAVORITE item so far--- this iPhone case is BEAUTIFUL!!! Worth every penny! The case is dockable and the picture is embedded into the case during the printing process so it will not peel off or fade. Perfect for ANY iPhone user! I have a three year old who loves to watch YouTube (dont ask. the boy is obssessed with fire trucks and wants to be a firefighter like his daddy) and drops it all the time. The picture is still crystal clear and perfect. It has normal wear and tear scratches (thanks to my son) but it has not effected the picture or case at all. I have had it for 2 months now and I dont have a single scuff mark on it. Now, Im not saying that it isnt possible, it should still be taken care of. haha :)

Price: $80.00... and if you order now I'll throw in a FREE 2"x2" glass tile magnet using the same picture.

Order now! lisamcwhorter@gmail.com

I offer many different designs (will be posting more over the next few days) and all colors can be adjusted and changed. You can add text if you'd like.

This is my case with my babie's on it...

note: any shadowing, glare, etc is to give a true 3 dimensional look at what the case will look like on your phone. it will NOT be printed that way. :)

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